Member Unions

Boilermakers“For more than 120 years, Boilermakers Local 7 has provided the specialized skills that has assisted its clients throughout Western, Central and the Southern Tier of New York State in meeting their power and maintenance needs.”
– F. Patrick Lyons, Business Manager
Bricklayers“The Best Hands in the Business.”
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CarpentersThe Carpenters Apprentice Program is a four-year commitment that is a combination of classroom learning and job site employment. Apprentices attend classes for two weeks every six months, a system designed to accommodate the needs of the contractors and apprentices alike. The program allows carpenters apprentices to earn wages and benefits that enable them to provide for themselves and their families, while learning from the most experienced professionals in both training environments. As a result, apprentices are continuously building upon their knowledge and skill base in a practical construction site setting. Cement MasonsWorking together to provide quality work for the consumer and quality of life for all union members. We will protect our members and their future with health care and pension benefits.
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Electricians“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if Labor had not first existed. Labor is superior to capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” – Abraham Lincoln Elevator Constructors“The elevators and escalators we maintain and repair transport more people than an airline, bus and railroad industry do combined.”
– Donald M. Winkle, Jr., Business Manager
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Heat & Frost Insulators“The Union has strived to preserve and protect the rights of insulation mechanics, representing their interests, in nearly every aspect of the trade. These efforts entail ensuring worker health and safety, negotiating comprehensive wage and fringe benefit packages, and educating and training Union members in the most advanced insulation techniques.”
– Robert F. Hess, Business Manager
Ironworkers“The Ironworkers have made many contributions to the building of this country’s highway and bridge systems, and to our educational facilities, hospitals, TV and radio networks and our defense systems. Were it not for the Ironworkers, it would be safe to say our country would not be as strong as it is today.”
– James J. Willis, Jr., Business Agent
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LaborersLaborers’ Local 210 provides many of the area’s largest construction firms with trained, competent, reliable workers including but not limited to the asbestos and hazardous waste remediation industries. Through our partnership with hundreds of signatory contractors, our members have helped successfully complete nearly all major construction projects in Erie County on time and under budget. Our Collective Bargaining Agreements allow our members to speak with unity, be treated fairly, and provide a better life for us and our families, a life filled with respect and dignity not only as we work but also as we live out our years through retirement. Millwrights Millwrights are a specialized skilled group in installing and maintaining today’s machinery.
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Operating Engineers“The area’s unions, including Local #17 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, play a major role in the effort to improve the quality of life throughout Western New York. As a proud member of the Buffalo Building and Construction Trades Council, we are all committed to that goal.”
– Mark N. Kirsch, Business Manager & President
Painters & Glaziers“District Council #4 has always strived to ensure that our members are the most highly skilled, safe and productive workforce in the trades we represent”.  –Mark Stevens, Business Manager-Secretary-Treasurer
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Plasterers“If Western New York is to rebound economically in the new millennium, organized labor must play an important role. It is our members who are the community’s backbone, the one’s who’ve stayed to raise our families here. Working with management together will be a major factor in helping breathe new life into the region.” Plumbers & Steamfitters“Together, with our union contractors, we are moving forward as a team, insuring the customer’s project is of the highest quality at a competitive price.”
– Local #22 Business Manager Michael W. McNally
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Road Sprinkler Fitters“A proud past and a bold future” Roofers“We take the time to train our people to do the job right the first time. We offer our members a five-year apprenticeship program that continually upgrades their on-the-job skills.”
– Michael A. Pagano, Business Agent
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Sheet Metal Workers“The membership of Sheet Metal Workers Union Local #71 is highly skilled and qualified, and our union takes pride in our craftsmanship.”
– Ronald Lindemann, Former Business Manager

Teamsters“We represent experienced, skilled drivers in our construction division raises the bar for professionalism and productivity.”
– Mike Gerviss, Construction Division
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