Economic Impact Statement

The Buffalo Building Trades is proud to announce a new way of conducting business for 2010.  Too often, misunderstandings take place as a result of insufficient information.   After extensive research on this  issue, we have decided that the most positive course of action to help dispel the rumors and innuendos associated with organized workers is to attempt to clarify who we are and what we stand for.

Let us begin by stating that the Buffalo Building Trade Unions are a group of working men and women who earn their living in the construction industry here in Western New York.  Day in and day out, we report to jobsites in the area and perform the necessary tasks associated with our trades, in an honest effort to construct the best buildings possible in the most efficient method available.

Our wages and benefits are a matter of public record so as to insure the highest level of transparency to those government agencies that choose to do business with us.  Together with our socially responsible contractors we operate on the core principle of a “honest day’s work for a honest day’s wage” and as a result we have been a true positive economic force on the Western New York construction industry.  To help people understand the real importance of the

It is our hope that after a review of the facts, people will have a better understanding of our issues and why they are important to us, as well as the community.   The following topics are issues which are constantly presented in the media anytime someone attempts to discredit who we are and what we are about.

All of these topics are often referred to as the agenda of the “powerful special interest groups” or Organized Labor.  Well as stated earlier, we are just working men and women of Western New York and our goal is to improve the quality of life for ALL working men and women.

This is truly our “SPECIAL  INTEREST”

Buffalo Building Trades, we have prepared an ECONOMIC  IMPACT  STUDY  for your review.
Download the Economic Impact Study