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Business Agent: Paul Brown Year Chartered: 1864
Local Membership: 75

Working Conditions

Standing for prolonged periods. Climbing and balancing on ladders and scaffolds. Lifting up to 50 pounds. Exposure to outside weather conditions during some seasons.

Apprenticeship Training Period

6,000 hours. Average annual hours 1,600-1,800.

Related Instruction and Method

144 hours per year.


Must be 18 years old, must have completed the ninth grade.  It is understood that you must be physically able to perform all the work of a Plasterer and that you are willing to sign an affidavit attesting to this physical ability, with no exceptions.  Some of these tasks include working above 25 ft. and being able to lift 70 lbs.

It is understood that you must have reliable transportation to and from job sites and all related instruction.

It is understood that you will have an oral interview with our JAC before acceptance to the program.

Probationary Period

One year.


Apprentice must purchase $250 worth of tools.

Current Journeyman Rate

$43.39 per hour.

Apprentice Wage Progression Schedule

1st 500 hours – $11.30
2nd 500 hours – $13.30
3rd 1,000 hours – $14.30
4th 1,000 hours – $15.30
5th 1,000 hours – $16.30
6th 700 hours – $18.30
7th 700 hours – $20.30
8th 600 hours – $22.30

Estimated Annual Earning

$60,746.00 *
* Estimates are based upon average hours worked, which may vary from year to year.

Fringe Benefits

Health and Welfare begins at $13.30 rate of pay and include Health & Welfare, Vacation, College, Certified Daycare.

Pension and Annuity begins at $20.30 rate of pay.

Union Dues

$75 initiation fee, $30 per month union dues.

Recruitment for Next Class

1st Wednesday of each month, between the hours of 10:00 am and noon.

Paul Brown, Business Representative
Plasterers Local #9
(716) 690-9985