Apprenticeships & Training

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BoilermakersBoilermakers fabricate, erect and maintain tubular and steel plate units for chemical and acid plant processing and storage equipment. They also fabricate and erect storage vessels, catcrackers, cokedrums and atmospheric and vacuum towers for oil refineries. In addition, they fabricate, erect and maintain boilers and storage vessels for nuclear and fossil fuel generating plants. BricklayersOur membership includes bricklayers, cement masons, marble masons, mosaic workers, plasterers, pointer-cleaner-caulkers, stonemasons, terrazzo workers, tile layers, finishers, and allied craftworkers.
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CarpentersThe Carpenters Apprentice Program is a four-year commitment that is a combination of classroom learning and job site employment. Apprentices attend classes for two weeks every six months, a system designed to accommodate the needs of the contractors and apprentices alike. The program allows carpenters apprentices to earn wages and benefits that enable them to provide for themselves and their families, while learning from the most experienced professionals in both training environments. As a result, apprentices are continuously building upon their knowledge and skill base in a practical construction site setting. Cement MasonsLevel and finish all types of concrete such as floors, super flat floor, curbs, gutter curbs, sidewalks, walls, roads, bridges, stamped concrete and exposed aggregate. Chipping, rubbing and patching, grinding and scarifying of all concrete floors, walls, and bridge abutments. Grouting and leveling all base plates, pumps and machinery, forming of all curbs, gutters, sidewalks and floors. All epoxy applications, concrete protective finishes and floor and walls of concrete construction and preparation of same.
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ElectriciansThe electrical construction trade requires work inside and outside in a variety of conditions, that is in all weather conditions. Also, in a variety of locations: manholes, roofs, inside buildings and in trenches, to name a few. Elevator ConstructorsElevator Constructors install, maintain and repair passenger and freight elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks and wheelchair lifts. Elevator Constructors are also involved in electrical, mechanical and hoisting work.
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Heat & Frost InsulatorsApply all types of insulation, mastics, sealants, coatings and jacketing (metal, PVC, canvas, fiberglass cloth, tar paper, tedlar paper) to heating and cooling systems, ductwork, plumbing systems, tanks and vessels in plants, factories, schools, hospitals and office buildings. IronworkersStructural steel: reinforcement, rigging, ornamental, sheeting and welding.
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LaborersLaborers’ Local 210 provides many of the area’s largest construction firms with trained, competent, reliable workers including but not limited to the asbestos and hazardous waste remediation industries. Through our partnership with hundreds of signatory contractors, our members have helped successfully complete nearly all major construction projects in Erie County on time and under budget. Our Collective Bargaining Agreements allow our members to speak with unity, be treated fairly, and provide a better life for us and our families, a life filled with respect and dignity not only as we work but also as we live out our years through retirement. MillwrightsMillwrights are a specialized skilled group in installing and maintaining today’s machinery.
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Operating EngineersOperate, maintain and repair various kinds of heavy equipment such as bulldozers, loaders, graders, rollers compactors, track and wheel type excavators, track and tower cranes, concrete curb and gutter machines, pile drivers, booms, tractors, etc.

Engineers use these and other kinds of equipment in the building of roads, bridges, and buildings and hazardous material remediation. Union members perform site preparation, including tree and stump removal, stripping of vegetation and overgrowth and the removal of topsoil and grading of land areas. They also perform excavation work for lying of water and sewer lines and for building foundations.

Painters & GlaziersWork is, but not limited to, transporting, loading, unloading, removal and installation of various glazing systems, glass and architectural metal. Also fabrication of glazing systems and storefronts, curtain-wall systems, pre-glazed sash, ribbon glazing, sloped glazing systems, glass handrails, skylights, retrofit frames, door closers and hardware, installation of all types of glass mirrors, panelized glazed material, spandrels, autoglass, and also sealants, mastic, vinyl, rubber, putty and caulking, which is related to glazing and frames. General glazing includes all removal and installation, setting, cutting and handling of all glass, related products, such as plate, laminated, pelxi, wire, ribbed mirrors, auto and tempered glass.
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PlasterersApply coats of plaster to interior walls, ceilings and portions of buildings to produce finished surfaces that are fire-resistant and soundproof. They also mix plaster to a desired consistency and spread the plaster over drywall or masonry base using a trowel. Plumbers & SteamfittersWe fabricate, install and service every aspect of the piping industry, from residential plumbing and heating to multi-million-dollar power houses.
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Road Sprinkler FittersInstall, maintain and repair all types of fire sprinkler systems and their components. RoofersCover roofs with materials to make them waterproof. Composition shingles, wood and slate shingles, tar paper, asphalt and gravel are some of the materials used. In composition roofing, sheets of asphalt and felt are covered with a coating of tar or pitch, which is then covered with tar, pitch and gravel to protect the roofing materials from the weather.
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25947_2015_SMART_Logo_FinalCMYKSheet Metal Workers Fabricate and install the ducts used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems and also metal roofing, siding and kitchen equipment. They use fabricating machines, such as power shears, power brakes, rollers and presses to cut and bend sheet metal to form these items and other products and equipment. TeamstersTerritory covers both Erie and Niagara counties. Teamsters Local 449’s transport drivers drive concrete mixers, dump trucks, freight handlers, site trucks, fuel trucks, residential and commercial rubbish haulers (construction), car haulers, U.P.S. delivery vehicles and work at on-site warehousing.
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